“[…] ils se moquaient souvent de ce que je voulais le savoir […]. Mais, malgré ce désespoir, je ne laisse pas de désirer d’être instruit, et ma curiosité trompée est toujours insatiable.” (Voltaire, Le philosophe ignorant1)

Welcome to my website! I am a research engineer in digital humanities at the University of Gothenburg. In my work, I develop different types of sofware solutions for the humanities. My specialty is the development and use of agent-based simulations, and I have further experience in mathematical modelling and statistical methods. I am part of the Gothenburg Research Infrastructure in Digital Humanities and collaborate primarily with the Maritime Encounters project.

I have a wide background and in the years I was lucky to be exposed to different topics within academia.

Ever since my youth I have been curious and interested in all domains of knowledge. After studying ancient Greek and Latin in high school, I studied theoretical physics at the University of Geneva. Not finding my intellectual home in physics, I did my PhD in population genetics at University of Bern, where I completed my thesis on rapid adaptation in the presence of gene flow, before taking on two separate postdocs in evolutionary biology. I finally landed my current position at the end of 2022.

To this day I find all domains of knowledge fascinating and I have interests for the most disparate fields, such as social sciences and the humanities.

Because of personal and professional interest, I have recently become more involved with activities aiming to highlight the importance of good software and programming practices in research. In the future, I am aiming to continue my career as a research software engineer, building and supporting scientific software for a more sustainable use of computational tools in my field.

  1. Tr: “[…] they often made fun of what I wanted to know […]. But, despite this desperation, I never tire of desiring of being instructed, and my unsatisfied curiosity is always insatiable.”